Monday, September 28, 2009

Lion Dance Grand Master On FIlm

World Lion Dance Champions Master that coach troupes such as Kun Seng Keng And Khuan Loke who made numerous champions on the international Lion Dance Championships made himself into the local film industry. Master H.P Siow, spent 1 month shooting in local feature films being in a role of 70 year old man.

This film will be up on local cinemas during the Lunar New Year 2010. The film just finish shooting today will start to on post production and finish by end of the year. The film that master Siow has play in was some thing similar but different from his current proffesion. The local producers will keep the news of this film close and remain unexpose until the day they complete the post production and when its ready to promote. Also staring local artist such as Jack Lim, a famous Chinese Station DJ, Ah Xian.. and many more...

This spontanious culture featured film will target to tickle audience into laughter as they celebrate the 2010 Chinese Lunar New Year. Malaysian movie goers are recommended to watch this local produced entertaining comedy.

To Respect the Local Movie Producers, The Lion Arts Will Only Give That Much Information About The Movie. More News Will Be Coming Regarding Movie From Master Siow's Experience If The Media Allows.