Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Recent Genting Lion Dance Championship Updates

Hi first of all apologize that it has been a very long time since i last updated the lion arts blog. I here by wanted to blog about the updates about the recent genting world lion dance championship. The recent championship was a thrill according to most of them who were there in the arena to participate or to just watch. Many great lion dance teams from different country performed very well. Many fancy dress up, new difficulties, creative story telling are all brought up to be performed in the recent championship. The competition was very very tight that teams are competing for their world titles in just by the difference of 0.01 points. And this year, a new record was created. The longs lasting wolrd championship title that Kun Seng Keng hold for many many years has fallen to other lion dance's team's hand. This year Kedah Hong Teik Lion Dance Team emerge World Champion with many difficulties moves and great lion dance coordination beat KSK by only 0.02 points.
I've been told that KSK Lion Head Performer, By the name of "Little Ghost" injured his wrist badly and can't perform well. But still good job on his effort which still earn KSK a first runner up title.
Congrats to the new world champion who beat 30 world best lion dancers who came and compete.
The Final Score Result
2012 Genting World Lion Dance Championship Results:

Champion: Malaysia Kedah Hong Teik 9.27
1st runner up: Malaysia Kun Seng Keng team D 9.25
2nd runner up: Malaysia Muar Kun Seng Keng 9.22
3rd runner up: Singapore Wei Yong 9.13
Here are some Highlights 

The New World Champion, Kedah Hong Teik

Kun Seng Keng Malaysia

New Paper Publish Highligths

The Kun Seng Keng Boys and Kedah Hong Teik Boys