Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Latest, Precious Found

My latest found and Own is this old Futshan Lion. I certainly found it very special in it looks because it has a fierce eye and also expression. I think this lion is also easily 15 years old. The lion maker has also left this world. Now I think we cant find this kind of lions any more. It is a high value collectors item. "yeah I know, many thinks I'm weird for collecting lion heads" But I just find it exciting. This is not China Made, But made in Malaysia and these style was once very popular during the mid 80's and early 90's . I will keep this look as it is but try to reinforce it to make it not look so broken. Looking old is really fine to me because the older it looks the higher collectors value it has.

Thanks To University of Malaysia (UM) Lion Dance Member and also C.Q Low, the head of UM lion dance Troupe, who gave this lion to me as a collection.

When I reinforce this lion, I will take down the picture and steps and post it on TLA Official site as a topic for lion dancers. Hope every lion dancers will benefit from it.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


This old Zhang Fei Lion is at least 18 Years Old. This is WSH production with a curve soil at the side of the face. This type of lion has stop production since 1998. Lions that manufactured by WSH then is all semi round soil. No matter Futshan of Hoksan. This kind of lions are consider a rare collection that people are willing keep it though it can't be used anymore. If you happen to come across one, remember to ask the owner if they don't want it. Take it back home with you. Sooner, I will Post a topic in about Repairing Lion Heads and many will benefit from this topic, I hope.

Friday, November 14, 2008


"Fiby" I pronounce it as "Fai - Bi" Just got such an inspiration from the name Fiber. Fiby has been together with me almost 7 years. I own it since 2002. I've switch using Fiby when people are still using Woody... lol.. I'm one of the first few who starts to use it because it is pretty costly compared to woody. Till 2004-05 it has boom the popularity that most people start to use it because of being many times heavier that wood made ones and fine in texture. Fiby, being the best partner of me as we gone through many thick and thin together. Performance after performance, we earn many applause and compliments together. Till today, though many other troupes have the same drum sticks as my Fiby but I still preffer to use mine. My Fiby is a limited edition pair. Now no more in production. New fiber cast drumsticks are slightly fatter in size and it is heavier than Fiby. My Fiby is under weight..... But I've already got use to it. Fiby travels around with me in my car, so, where ever I reach where there is a place for me to drum, Fiby will always be around.