Friday, November 14, 2008


"Fiby" I pronounce it as "Fai - Bi" Just got such an inspiration from the name Fiber. Fiby has been together with me almost 7 years. I own it since 2002. I've switch using Fiby when people are still using Woody... lol.. I'm one of the first few who starts to use it because it is pretty costly compared to woody. Till 2004-05 it has boom the popularity that most people start to use it because of being many times heavier that wood made ones and fine in texture. Fiby, being the best partner of me as we gone through many thick and thin together. Performance after performance, we earn many applause and compliments together. Till today, though many other troupes have the same drum sticks as my Fiby but I still preffer to use mine. My Fiby is a limited edition pair. Now no more in production. New fiber cast drumsticks are slightly fatter in size and it is heavier than Fiby. My Fiby is under weight..... But I've already got use to it. Fiby travels around with me in my car, so, where ever I reach where there is a place for me to drum, Fiby will always be around.

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