Friday, January 23, 2009

Western Australia Chung Wah Association Lion Dance Troupe is Gaining Exposure

I still remember when me and Kwun(Leader Of Chung Wah Lion Dance Troupe) was chatting and laughing and having great times with rest of their troupe members during their stay in Malaysia. Today, they are seen on TV, Congratulation Chung Wah Association Lion Dance Troupe, Keep up the good work and training...

The Lion Arts is very proud to see those uniform design by us, fits perfectly in you guys. You guys really look good and cool with those now uniform. It is my honor to design you guys those uiform and it makes a total now identity of the troupe.

The Lion Arts International Branding and Troupe Identity

Design Proposed By The Lion Arts-------------------------------Final Result Of The Uniform

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Recent Found In the Local News Paper

High-pole lions to soar with festive drummers


THE hot and dry air heralds the annual arrival of lions over the next few weeks to greet everyone Happy Chinese New Year. This year, the lions have some great companions in tow to bring double happiness to the world.

Fearlessly prancing from pole to pole to mark new beginnings, the lions are set to stir the spirit even higher with the thunderous beats of the 24 Festive Drums.

For fun: Dr Hou (second from right) and other guests trying their hands beating the 24 Festive Drums.

Steeped in rich culture, the high pole lion dance and drum ensemble are actually made in Malaysia.

They are undoubtedly the pride of the nation, with their popularity as widespread as the name of the country.

For the first time in history, the two Malaysian legacies will come together to deliver a dazzling show while marking a breakthrough in cultural development.

The performance involving 80 members is presented by 29-time world champion lion dance troupe Kun Seng Keng and the acclaimed 24-drum team from Foon Yew Chinese Independent School, both from Johor.

The group will perform around the country and their first show was launched by Deputy Higher Education Minister Dr Hou Kok Chung on Saturday at Wisma CNI, Shah Alam.

In order: Members of the 24 Festive Drum are a disciplined lot.

Dr Hou, quoting his findings, said studies and records showed that lion dance did not originate from China nor Malaysia, but from the western regions of China, which referred to where Xinjiang, Afghanistan or Iran are currently located.

“Lion dance was brought into the mainland during the Three Kingdom Era and spread through the country only during the Tang Dynasty. This shows that a culture is an amalgamation of various origins. Hence it should not belong to only one ethnic group but it can be best explored and depicted by one of them,” he said.

“In the past, it was once misunderstood but was nevertheless recognised as a national heritage two years ago. It has developed dynamically and has even piqued the interest of other ethnic groups,” he added.

He described high pole lion dance as an eminently elegant art and highly-skilled craft, and that Malaysia was No 1 in the world in this field.

Meanwhile, he said the 24 Festive Drums was a great cultural innovation presented by a Chinese community outside China.

Powerful strokes: Famed calligrapher from China Gu Nai Ping at work.

“This art is a combination of music, dance, calligraphy and ancient wisdom,” he added.

The event was attended by many icons who had contributed significantly to the development of Chinese culture in Malaysia. Among them were Federation of Chinese Association Malaysia president Tan Sri Lim Gait Tong, Yayasan CNI president Datin Chuah Tek Lan, KL and Selangor Lion and Dragon Dance Association president Leong Lik Thong, Malaysia Chinese Cultural Society president Tai Shio Hwa and Malaysia Xiang Lian Youth Association adviser Datuk Ang Lai Hee.

Counsellor of the China Embassy in Malaysia, Su Qiang, praised the creation of the two Chinese arts that added depth and breadth to Chinese culture.

Prominent local and international calligraphers wrote the Solar Terms at the event, while SRJK(C) Jenjarom board of government chairman Gan Liam Chor donated a set of 24 Festive Drums to the Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple. This was received by Master Jue Cheng.

For further details of the performance schedule, call 016-227 1613 or 017-310 0217.

The Beat

Created in the 1980s, the 24 Festive Drums have been played by more than 16,000 students while Singapore, Taiwan, China, Thailand and America have their own 24-drum teams.

Not easy: Students from the Foon Yew Chinese Independent School in Johor Baru drumming up a high spirited rhythm for the lion to prance onto high poles.

The beats are belted out in unison and synchronisation in a choreography that challenges one’s creativity. The drums are named with the 24 Solar Terms listed in the agriculture calendar used about 2,000 years ago in the downstream of Yellow River. The names are beautiful, in the likes of The Awakening of Insects, The Great Heat, The Arrival of Winter and others, to mark the subtle changes of nature throughout the year.

“Ancient emperors gave advice to their citizens according to these Solar Terms, so that people and nature could exist in harmony. Over the years, these terms were forgotten and even the underlying message on environmental conservation was neglected,” said poet Tan Chai Puan.

Tan and his friend, late musician Tan Hooi Song were the founders of the art.

Chai Puan came across the names moments after he and Hooi Song worked on a festive celebration featuring a drum performance involving nine members.

“Only then it dawned on me that we had such poetic terms to describe the seasons of the year, and I wanted to come out with a way that can link them to the modern context,” he said.

And so, the duo created an ensemble of 24 drums named after the solar terms.

Founded on a strong history, the energetic art soon gripped the interest of many and it continued to expand with players always eager to explore different choreography.

It is now one of the fastest developing forms of performance, and continues to inspire its learners in the aspects of discipline, exercise and creativity, besides the arts behind it.

The Action

The passion that fuels the development of lion dance in Malaysia has never wavered since the 1970s.

It is with that kind of “fire” that this art has put the country on the international map, with even lion dance players from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan turning to our masters here for advice.

Malaysian troupes have clinched numerous gold medals in international lion dance competitions. In fact, the much popular high pole lion dance is created by Johor Baru-based Malaysian Siow Ho Phiew.

He said when Malaysia organised its first lion dance competition in 1985, it grabbed international attention.

“Response was always on the rise. Troupes from around the globe battled it out on the ground, tables, chairs and poles. Soon, the poles reached higher into the sky with the teams trying to outdo each other and at one point they reached 6m,” he recalled.

Not only was the height too dangerous for the participants, such shows were visually unpleasant for the viewers.

In view of that, a protocol was drawn and Siow proposed a set of poles measuring between 2m and 3m be used for lion dancing in the future. It was warmly welcomed by his counterparts from different countries, and was soon recognised as the standard setting.

Today, high pole lion dance is loved and practised by not only the Chinese.

“Lion dance belongs to the world, that is why I never call it a Chinese thing. It is an art and an exercise that can be embraced by anyone,” he said.

Monday, January 19, 2009

When Lion Dance Became A Big Budget Production

When Drumming sounds heard from miles away, when a lion dance performance need to use more than 60 over members, What stage could lion dance end up with?

year 2009, KSK again write history in the lion dancing arena by introducing a new method of performance. Budgeting more that 7500USD per show, involving more that 60 over performers, Lion Dance has reach a new Revolution In Skills, 24 festive drum incorporate with lion dance on high stakes, resulting a bigger and higher value performance.

I was there to shoot the whole event from the rehersal to the 2 performance on the next day after the preparation. When I fist step down and start hearing the drum beats, it thrills me. It gives me a feeling of being in an ancient Chinese Battle field just like those we watch in the big screen.
This performance is the first ever 24 drums + Lion Dance Performance introduced. Entertaining guest from over 30 Embassies including, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, German, London, India, Indonesia, and many more.

This production will be all include in a DVD which will publish in the future. Featuring 2 performance of 24 festive drums + High Stakes Acrobatic Lion Dance, Behind the scenes - see how much work involve just to perform a 17 minutes show and also the rehersal Night.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OX year, OX Dance Instead

I found this interesting article about OX dance instead of Lion Dance. Here the article Goes



GEORGE TOWN: Instead of the traditional lion and dragon dances for Chinese New Year, two bulls will dance to usher in the Year of the Ox here.

The bull dance became a reality, thanks to an Ipoh craftsman who created the gold and silver bulls, complete with hooves and tails.

Teh Wing Liang, who has been making lion and dragon heads for the past 15 years, said he received the order to create the bulls from the Kepala Batas Tiong Hua Sports and Cultural Association.

Dances withe bulls: Kepala Batas Tiong Hua Sports and Cultural Association members performing the bull dance after the eye-dotting ceremony for the bull heads.-MUSTAFA AHMAD/The Star

“Since we have never seen the bull dance in Malaysia, I had to browse through the Internet for inspiration,” he said.

The 34-year-old craftsman took a week to complete the heads. Wing Liang said the jaw was the most difficult part to create.

He said he consulted a cowherd who told him that cows kept their eyes open even when they were asleep.

“That is why I did not put any eyelids on the two bull heads unlike the traditional lion heads,” he said, adding that the heads were 20% smaller than a lion’s head.

“I have to make sure the dancers can move comfortably with the bull’s head on,” he said. Having formed a bamboo ‘skeleton’ of the head, Teh used cloth for the hide, a pair of shoes for the hooves and a hose for the tail.

Guang Ming Daily senior business promotion manager Teh Eng Beng said the gold and silver bulls will perform during the Penang Chinese New Year Miao Hui celebration on Jan 17. The dances will be performed in front of the Guang Ming Daily office in Jalan Macalister at 8pm.

“We invited the Kepala Batas Tiong Hua Sports and Cultural Association to do the bull dance for the Year of the Ox. The event is jointly organised with Sin Chew Daily,” he said.

Eng Beng said association members referred to the Internet to see how the dance was performed.

“The bull dance tends to be slower and more humorous than the lion dance,” he said.

Repair your lions.

I've took the decision to repair this pair of silver lions. We have quite a number rough performance some times, Playing with water cheng, beer and liquor cheng... end out it will makes our lions soaking wet and also strong smell of alcohol. Using this reinforce lions is the best solutions for all this rough chengs. There is only a few pictures here to share. For the step by step information on how I reinforce my lions, Please go to under lion dance story and lion dancers column.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Grand 30's


Happy 30th Birthday Kee Ling Kok Malaysia. Thats the words from most of the lion dance troupe from Malaysia to Kee Ling Kok Lion Dance Association. Consider one of the biggest Hoksan Sarping Confederation Gathering for the year 2009 so far. More that 20 local Hoksan Sarping teams attended the night of Kee Ling Kok's Dinner. Also one of the most respected comitee member of world dragon and lion dance fedration, Chirman of Malaysia Selangor and Federal Territory Dragon and Lion Dance Federation was invited to attend this big event. Sarping School Grand Master Robin Chan, Master H.P Siow and many more Sarping School's students were also there to congrats Kee Ling Kok.

The event includes the performance of Dragon, Northern Lions, Jongs, Traditional, and Drumming Performance.

To see more pictures and video, kindly tab the EVENT link on the link tab

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A book Of Heritage

Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd Malaysia. Did one of the best work for culture during year 2007/2008. They published a Short Video and a Book called Malaysia Amazing Heritage. In the book, written Malaysia's most greatest Heritage in Social, Natural, CULTURE, Arts and Bulding
It took a long way and hard work to for DIGI to complete this piece of amazing work perfectly. I personal think that DIGI gave back very much to the society though they are already one of the Biggest Telecommunications Service Provider. I personally Owns a DIGI Phone Number for my business line as well. DIGI Launch this campaign 4 years ago in January 19 2005. Travelling across Malaysia just to reach closer to the community. This mammoth corporate project's objective is mainly to preserve local tradition by empowering people to practise it. Every year they run one project in each category, in 3 phrases, Discovery, Implemetation and Showcase.

Any way, Back to this Book. I was one of the luckiest person to get this book, a piece of great work. Honestly staying In Malaysia, does not mean you know your own country as much as we normally think. If fact I have to admit that, Foreigners know our land way better that we do some times because they research our land before they come and visit. So by getting this book I see many amazing thing in my own Mother Land. Things that I didnt thought it was that amazing. So what is this book has to do with my lion dance experience here?

Yeah You guess it right. The Amazing Heritage of culture has a column for lion dance. Master H.P Siow has became one of the AMAZING MALAYSIAN awarded by DIGI Malaysia. His contribution in the World Lion Dancing Arena has brought the Arts such a amazing peak today. Lion Dance Originated from our Chinese Maindland China. But today Malaysia is the country that Leads the name of the "Country Of Kings Of Lion Kings"
This Lion Dance column in this book tells the story of Master Siow, His life in contribution on his passion in Lion Dance. From a poor family man who is only working as a farmer who do not even have money to buy lion heads from China when he started his own troupe. Because of being so poor, He does his own lion heads. That, forever changed his life. Making his the busiest business man in the Lion Head Crafting industry. Producing World Class Lion Heads in Quality, Durability and Beauty. Being so busy, but never forget his passion. He Strive for time to spread his knowledge in the field hoping that this piece of precious lion dancing arts will never extinc in the coming generations. He has devalope many troupe world wide. Local troupe KSK are his most accomplish student. Recently he also gave a warmth welcome to WESTERN AUSTRALIA. CHUNG WAH ASSOCIATION LION DANCE TROUPE, GEE YUNG HAWAII, and MELBOURNE YOUTH ASSOCIATION LION DANCE TROUPE to devalope their skills in lion dancing.

Being one of the luckiest person to get this book, its not as lucky as me as I got his Genuine SIGNATURE beside of his picture on this book. Below is all the picture to share. Thanks For Reading folks. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009.