Monday, January 5, 2009

The Grand 30's


Happy 30th Birthday Kee Ling Kok Malaysia. Thats the words from most of the lion dance troupe from Malaysia to Kee Ling Kok Lion Dance Association. Consider one of the biggest Hoksan Sarping Confederation Gathering for the year 2009 so far. More that 20 local Hoksan Sarping teams attended the night of Kee Ling Kok's Dinner. Also one of the most respected comitee member of world dragon and lion dance fedration, Chirman of Malaysia Selangor and Federal Territory Dragon and Lion Dance Federation was invited to attend this big event. Sarping School Grand Master Robin Chan, Master H.P Siow and many more Sarping School's students were also there to congrats Kee Ling Kok.

The event includes the performance of Dragon, Northern Lions, Jongs, Traditional, and Drumming Performance.

To see more pictures and video, kindly tab the EVENT link on the link tab

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