Thursday, January 1, 2009

A book Of Heritage

Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd Malaysia. Did one of the best work for culture during year 2007/2008. They published a Short Video and a Book called Malaysia Amazing Heritage. In the book, written Malaysia's most greatest Heritage in Social, Natural, CULTURE, Arts and Bulding
It took a long way and hard work to for DIGI to complete this piece of amazing work perfectly. I personal think that DIGI gave back very much to the society though they are already one of the Biggest Telecommunications Service Provider. I personally Owns a DIGI Phone Number for my business line as well. DIGI Launch this campaign 4 years ago in January 19 2005. Travelling across Malaysia just to reach closer to the community. This mammoth corporate project's objective is mainly to preserve local tradition by empowering people to practise it. Every year they run one project in each category, in 3 phrases, Discovery, Implemetation and Showcase.

Any way, Back to this Book. I was one of the luckiest person to get this book, a piece of great work. Honestly staying In Malaysia, does not mean you know your own country as much as we normally think. If fact I have to admit that, Foreigners know our land way better that we do some times because they research our land before they come and visit. So by getting this book I see many amazing thing in my own Mother Land. Things that I didnt thought it was that amazing. So what is this book has to do with my lion dance experience here?

Yeah You guess it right. The Amazing Heritage of culture has a column for lion dance. Master H.P Siow has became one of the AMAZING MALAYSIAN awarded by DIGI Malaysia. His contribution in the World Lion Dancing Arena has brought the Arts such a amazing peak today. Lion Dance Originated from our Chinese Maindland China. But today Malaysia is the country that Leads the name of the "Country Of Kings Of Lion Kings"
This Lion Dance column in this book tells the story of Master Siow, His life in contribution on his passion in Lion Dance. From a poor family man who is only working as a farmer who do not even have money to buy lion heads from China when he started his own troupe. Because of being so poor, He does his own lion heads. That, forever changed his life. Making his the busiest business man in the Lion Head Crafting industry. Producing World Class Lion Heads in Quality, Durability and Beauty. Being so busy, but never forget his passion. He Strive for time to spread his knowledge in the field hoping that this piece of precious lion dancing arts will never extinc in the coming generations. He has devalope many troupe world wide. Local troupe KSK are his most accomplish student. Recently he also gave a warmth welcome to WESTERN AUSTRALIA. CHUNG WAH ASSOCIATION LION DANCE TROUPE, GEE YUNG HAWAII, and MELBOURNE YOUTH ASSOCIATION LION DANCE TROUPE to devalope their skills in lion dancing.

Being one of the luckiest person to get this book, its not as lucky as me as I got his Genuine SIGNATURE beside of his picture on this book. Below is all the picture to share. Thanks For Reading folks. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009.


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