Monday, January 19, 2009

When Lion Dance Became A Big Budget Production

When Drumming sounds heard from miles away, when a lion dance performance need to use more than 60 over members, What stage could lion dance end up with?

year 2009, KSK again write history in the lion dancing arena by introducing a new method of performance. Budgeting more that 7500USD per show, involving more that 60 over performers, Lion Dance has reach a new Revolution In Skills, 24 festive drum incorporate with lion dance on high stakes, resulting a bigger and higher value performance.

I was there to shoot the whole event from the rehersal to the 2 performance on the next day after the preparation. When I fist step down and start hearing the drum beats, it thrills me. It gives me a feeling of being in an ancient Chinese Battle field just like those we watch in the big screen.
This performance is the first ever 24 drums + Lion Dance Performance introduced. Entertaining guest from over 30 Embassies including, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, German, London, India, Indonesia, and many more.

This production will be all include in a DVD which will publish in the future. Featuring 2 performance of 24 festive drums + High Stakes Acrobatic Lion Dance, Behind the scenes - see how much work involve just to perform a 17 minutes show and also the rehersal Night.

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