Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Latest, Precious Found

My latest found and Own is this old Futshan Lion. I certainly found it very special in it looks because it has a fierce eye and also expression. I think this lion is also easily 15 years old. The lion maker has also left this world. Now I think we cant find this kind of lions any more. It is a high value collectors item. "yeah I know, many thinks I'm weird for collecting lion heads" But I just find it exciting. This is not China Made, But made in Malaysia and these style was once very popular during the mid 80's and early 90's . I will keep this look as it is but try to reinforce it to make it not look so broken. Looking old is really fine to me because the older it looks the higher collectors value it has.

Thanks To University of Malaysia (UM) Lion Dance Member and also C.Q Low, the head of UM lion dance Troupe, who gave this lion to me as a collection.

When I reinforce this lion, I will take down the picture and steps and post it on TLA Official site as a topic for lion dancers. Hope every lion dancers will benefit from it.

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