Friday, November 13, 2009

Master Siow's Featuring in CNY Comedy Featured Film. News realesed

Master Siow play role as an 70+ years old man in the featured comedy film called "大日子" Da Re Zhi also named as "WooHoo" in English. Surprisingly, Synopsis of the story is basically not about Lion Dance but about TIGER dance. Master Siow plays a Old Grand Master who is a Tiger Dance Master who teach the art of tiger dance to a bunch of young people.

Featuring famous local Astro TV Station and MyFm Radio Station DJ and artist, Jack Lim, Vivian, Siow Hui Min..ect

News To The Lion Dancing Arena :
Subang Hong Teck Malaysia, A team founded by most of Master Siow's employees of Lion Dance Equipment WSH Dragon and Lion Arts we those who are also under the scene doing the stuns on the jongs and also those who contributed to coach the artist to do lion dance movement to apply them in the TIGER costume.

For the Fan Page on more pics for this Movie Click This Link

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